the tenenbaums; revisited

What it says on the tin.

I could probably write a million blog posts about Wes Anderson and not come close to fully expressing just how much the man has inspired me both stylistically and personally. While The Royal Tenenbaums isn’t my personal favourite film of his (that honour goes to Moonrise Kingdom), the costume designer Karen Patch has made the boldest and most interesting character-centric costume choices out of any of Anderson’s films. Margot Tenenbaum is a character absolutely lazy with elegance, but little grunge-esque additions like her scuffed leather accessories hint at her mile-wide rebellious streak. Richie Tenenbaum’s reluctance to move on from the past is also communicated succinctly through his penchant for sportswear, indicating his past as a professional tennis player.

Elle Ukraine clearly loves Wes Anderson as much as I do because their newest September spread was a surprising homage to Margot (Milly Simmonds) and Richie (Matt Trethe). Tennis sweatbands have never been more high fashion.



royal-tenenbaums-fashion2 royal-tenenbaums-fashion3

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raving about mad men





wearing: vintage sandals, vintage skirt, jade necklaces, American Apparel Malibu Swimsuit, pink fishnet shirt
photography: Laura Grant, who forevers owns my soul

I’ve been watching a lot of Mad Men recently and can’t get over the easy elegance of women’s fashion in the 50s, everything was so clean cut and minimal back then. The costume designer, Janie Bryant, is an absolute genius and I can’t even begin to imagine how much research and work her costume department has to do on a daily basis. There are easily a handful of pieces I’d steal from Betty Draper and it’s a secret fantasy of mine to own a pillbox hat and matching suit a la Jackie Kennedy, but it’ll probably be a struggle and a half to find one I’m madly in love with.

I was inspired by the show to dig out my grandma’s skirt which has been knocking about in my closet for years and years. It’s a really thick, dense fabric that isn’t really all that practical for the summer but I’m definitely looking to bring it back to the UK for my Autumn/Winter term.  As much as I love Mad Men and 50s fashion, I don’t think it’s really appropriate to try and lift outfits that belong to those eras unless you’re trying to do something new with them- hence the pink fishnet shirt, which I’m hoping was just about crazy enough to work!





wearing: Phoenix official band shirt, Primark overalls, shoes and earrings from Argyle Center, mahjong tile bracelet, vintage Givenchy Looney Tunes charm bracelet
photos taken by: the incredible Laura Grant

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog for the very first time! We’ve been having some pretty vicious summer days over here in Hong Kong, which naturally means that I’m constantly on the lookout for as many ways to wear as little as possible without being arrested for public indecency. All the sun umbrellas have come out again (which I have recently learned is purely an Asian phenomenon, huh) and picking your way through the crowds downtown is an exercise in avoiding getting speared through the eye. Lovely.

It’s the worst kept secret that denim dungarees are making a comeback and I got mine from Primark, which more or less is confirmation that they’re here to stay for the summer. I was surprised at how difficult they are to style since they tread the thin line between I-shovel-manure-chic and I-just-shovel-manure, but it more or less comes down to making sure that what you’re wearing underneath isn’t too dull or shapeless. And accessories. Always accessories.